Photograph Project

At the Annual Reunion there are usually several tables of photographs available to peruse and help identify.

The Lake Family Historical Association has decided to put these photographs on the website and label in such a way to enable family members and friends to identify the photographs and respond to us with the correct identity.

The pictures, when identified, will be placed in our Photo Gallery on the website so we can all enjoy them and see who is who. The form on this page will enable us to do that.

If you can identify a person, persons, and/or places in any of the photographs, please place the number of the photograph in the message box in the form on the right. Then identify the person, persons, and/or places so we can update our archives and website.

If you have any photographs that you would like to add to the project, you can can scan them or have them digitized and email them to:

7 Replies to “Photograph Project”

  1. Is this site still active? Surely there must be some other computer literate Lakes out there besides me and I’m 73 years old. Hello? I’m a P’ville Lake.

  2. yes, here I am. and I am 76 years old. live in New York. nice to meet you. must explore this site more. actually I am your age. you were 73 in 2014 I am 76 in 2017

  3. I am just now taking the time to really get into the website. I’m a bit younger than 2 of you..
    Have you been to a reunion?

  4. Hello There, I’m Wilson ‘ I live in Asbury, Warren County N.J.. I’m a descendant of a line of Pleasantville Lakes, the most recent of which would be Miranda D. Lake (1880-1954), my maternal grandmother. Vincent Franklin Lake (1854-1926) was my great grandfather. Do I have any relatives around NJ?

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