Minutes of LFHA Annual Business Meeting – 2015


August 29, 2015

The meeting was brought to order by President Dr. Janice Lake Betts at 3:15 pm. We joined in singing “Blesst Be the Tie That Binds”, Ray Dunbar led us in prayer. Harry Lake read from scripture, Psalm 33, verses 1 – 10.

Reports of officers and committees

Secretary Emily Jane Rush read the minutes from 2014, which were approved without corrections.

Janice Betts introduced the attending Board members on the stage, with the exception of Emily Rush, who stayed seated to take notes, and thanked them for their service. She also named those who were not in attendance.

Acting Historian Sharon Lake reported on 3 historical people from the Lake Family. The first was full of interesting details about the life of Sarah Ann Risley, who was one of the authors of the 1915 Genealogy book. Then she told the story of Christopher John Lake, whose father was the Honorable Simon Lake, the person who put up $10,000 to buy the island that became Ocean City, and who was the father of Simon Lake, the inventor of the modern submarine. We also heard about Mr. Steelman, who wrote “The Lake Family, Founders of Ocean City NJ”, an abridged history of the Lake family, from which part of the story of J. Christopher Lake came. Sharon also read a short letter from a local member who is not able to attend meetings due to her age, and told us that Mr. Steelman’s book, which is offered at his printing cost of $5, would be available in the lobby.

Vice President Fran Dunbar spoke of her mother’s preserved documents, including some original documents from George Newts, who married Ella Lake, and how we use technology to keep in touch with family members and collect family history information: ancestry.com, Facebook page and group, The Lake Family Historical Association’s website.

Unfinished business

Fran Dunbar brought up discussion about charging flat fee of $10 for either single or family membership.

President Janice Betts began a group discussion about integrating technology into our operations. We discussed several methods including Facebook, Family website, email lists, and other social media.

President Janice Betts announced this year’s scholarship winner from Ocean City High School was Maria Datillo, who will be attending University of Delaware.

New Business

A motion was made to change the annual dues to $10 for either family or single member. It was seconded and voted upon; motion carried.

Election of Officers

New nominations were: Ray Dunbar as Historian (via “Nomination Committee”), Richard Dow III for Treasurer (self-nomination), Doris Rush-Lopez was nominated for Secretary by Fran Dunbar.

The elected slate consisted of President-Janice Betts, Vice President-Fran Dunbar, 2nd Vice President-Cynthia Abel, Secretary-Doris Rush-Lopez, Treasurer-Richard Dow III, Assistant Treasurer-Harry Lake, Historian-Ray Dunbar.

As Executive Committee Members, Barbara Abel, Diane Murphy, Leslie Orman, Stephanie Bentley, Wanda Rush.

Open Discussion


The meeting was closed by the group singing “Blesst Be the Tie That Binds” followed by a benediction by Harry Lake.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:33 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Doris Rush-Lopez, Secretary

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