Minutes of LFHA Annual Business Meeting – 2018

The Lake Family Historical Association

2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Aug. 25, 2018

Welcome and Call to order: 2:04 pm

Hymn: Amazing Grace

Prayer:  Harry Lake

Scripture Reading: Gavin Crowley, Harry & Sharon’s grandson

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 4: 1-10

Prayer Roll:  John Rush, Connie King and Pearl Gill and their families need prayers. President Janice Betts made a request to list names on family prayer roll on website.

Reading of minutes: Aug. 26, 2017, approved as read.

Treasurer Report:

There was some confusion with the Treasurer’s report. I will have to give it later.

Historian Report: Ray Dunbar shared a detailed history of Hans Mansson and the Steelman family connection to the Lake family.

President Dr. Janice Betts invited us to consider serving in the Historian position as Ray has resigned.

Old Business:

Janice Betts spoke of getting genealogy online on our website to make it easier for the current and upcoming generations to update the family history.

We need updates of contact information for the membership list and updates for genealogy information, which will be posted on the website.

We don’t have a permanent guide for the cemetery, but the Officers can be contacted for a guided tour. Gary was thanked for having that job. 

We still don’t have enough recipes for the Cookbook project. It needs to be completed and we should dedicate Connie King’s spearheading the effort in the finished project and asked for volunteers to carry on the project as Connie is no longer able to work on it. The goal will be to have the cookbooks sitting on our table and available at the OC Historical Museum.

No scholarship was awarded this year. We had a couple of inquiries about the family member scholarship now. It’s not just for one year, you can re-apply. It doesn’t have to be a young person. Please let us know if you have any family members interested in it. The family history essay is required for both the OCHS and family member scholarship applications. It would be nice to have the recipient and their family attend the reunion too.

New Lake Family logo project has not had progress, perhaps the younger family members may be artistically inclined and interested in developing a new logo. Stephanie Weber was invited to work on that. We can also ask for submissions of logos on the website.

Stephanie Weber was thanked for all her hard work with the games at the reunion for the children of all ages.

We have the Harvey Lake Tennis ring now, it took a year to get the transaction done, but it will now be displayed at the OC Historical Museum. It was in a pawn shop, so Janice wasn’t sure what it would be like. She reported that the ring is worth more than we paid even without the diamonds, but the true value of the ring is the family history attached! It will be presented during dinner.

Founders’ Day was discussed, about having a mascot for the family, and have that next year. Bylaws were mentioned.

We need more and corrected emails and snail mail addresses and get those on Facebook to like the page and/or join the group.

New Business:

President Janice Betts’ said it is her goal to have four Executive Committee meetings each year in October, to work on these activities together and form committees working between the meetings, so someone can take charge and run with a project. She said we can all contribute.

There was a discussion to change the date of the reunion to after Labor Day. If meeting is to be held in September, Janice could not be involved at all. October is another possibility, not to go in the ocean, but it’s still reasonable. It was discussed that before Labor Day lodging is extremely expensive, especially for large families. Motion was made by Sharon Lake to keep the date as the weekend before Labor Day. Motion seconded and carried.

Jane Frank had shoulder surgery, will be added to prayer roll. She never misses a reunion. She always speaks for us in OC Tabernacle meetings. Warren and Dave were thanked for helping throughout the day.


Nominating Committee members Emily Rush, Linda Lake and Kathy Stanley were invited to lead the election procedure. No formal report was available. Nominations asked for from the floor.

Fran Dunbar said we need nominations for the Nominating Committee. Diane Murphy, Ray Dunbar and Nancy Lake Bleam were interested. Nominations for Historian office were requested. There was no reply, then after a few moments Doris Rush-Lopez offered to serve in the position.    

Vice President Richard Dow has not been active nor in contact for second year now. Motion to replace the Vice President was made by Ray Dunbar, motion seconded and carried. Nominations from the floor were requested with no reply. Ray Dunbar said we should explain what the duties of Vice President are. Duties being described as backing up the President as necessary and follow instructions as directed. Rachael Howard was nominated as Vice President by Fran Dunbar. Janice Betts asked for any nominations for President, there were none, so she was nominated again. Slate nominated is as follows:

President: Dr. Janice Betts, Vice President: Rachael Howard, 2nd Vice President: no nominations, Treasurer: Fran Dunbar, Secretary & Historian: Doris Rush-Lopez

Executive Committee Members At-Large: Leon Lake Sr., Barbara Abel and Stephanie Weber

Nominating Committee: Ray Dunbar, Diane Murphy, Nancy Lake Bleam

Motion to elect the slate of Officers and Executive Committee members was made, seconded and carried.

Motion to have a prayer and conclude the meeting was made, seconded and carried.

Prayer was offered by Janice Betts. Meeting concluded at 3:07 pm.

Comments from Facebook live video during meeting:

Linda Lake-Johnson, daughter of Leon Sr and Lenora Lake, could not attend, her parents are away and could not make it either.

Pam Leeds Balliet could not attend, it was her granddaughter’s birthday.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Rush-Lopez

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  1. I am Nancy Lake Bleam. I attended the reunion last in 2019, See minutes.I was placed on the Nominating Committee and have had no communication since. Can someone please tell me the date of the 2020 reunion?


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