Minutes of LFHA Annual Business Meeting – 2016

At the Ocean City Tabernacle, Ocean City NJ, on August 27, 2016

The meeting was brought to order by President Dr. Janice Lake Betts at 3:13 pm. We joined in singing “Blesst Be the Tie That Binds”, then President Dr. Janice Betts led us in prayer. Following the prayer, Harry Lake read to us from The Bible.

Reports of officers and committees

President Dr. Janice Lake Betts spoke of the ongoing projects such as the cookbook and and logo projects, reunion photos, Founders’ Day and a Mascot in conjunction with the Tabernacle, our Lake Family Education Program with the schools, and our partnership with the Ocean City Historical Museum. She also said we need to find a way to solicit more applications for the Scholarship Program from Lake family members for the other award, which has only been submitted once.

Secretary Doris Rush-Lopez read the minutes from 2015, which were approved as corrected. She also reported updating the membership list of over 500 names, saving the old spreadsheet data in a database, and adding data recovered from returned letters, internet research and new letters received.

An email newsletter sent for the first time using MailChimp to over 200 recipients, which saved over $100 on mailing costs for 2016. We should save even more next year due to updating and/or adding more email addresses, which precludes having to mail the newsletters. This email contained links to our website and places mentioned in the Newsletter, which encourages more interaction with the newsletter and the website.

New names were found of family members who had passed on for the memorial service-found through research on returned letters and internet searches.

She also found 73 new, younger generation family members on Facebook. She personally invited many of the younger generation to attend the reunion, and urged us all to do the same.

Also from Facebook she found a whole new branch of the Lake family said to have descended from the Loyalists who went to Canada after the Revolutionary War, and later joined the Latter Day Saints on their way out west to Utah in the 1800’s. This branch was invited to join the Association.

Other new technology we are using are new accounts for a YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the times and interest the rising generations.

Also added to the website was an easily readable transcript of the original Constitution, as well as a copy of that original, and brought printed copies of the original on one side, and the transcript on the other side.

Links to pertinent websites containing Lake family genealogy information were added to the website also. On the registration form sent out were added lines for remitting donations to the Scholarship Fund and other donations, to boost donations.

There is a Google Voice phone number now, 661-525-3326 which can be forwarded to any new Officers that may be elected when needed, and is posted on the website header. It includes voicemail accessible by a PIN number and text message receiving capability.

She connected with family members who have not attended the reunion recently and gathered more member info and genealogy data.

Historian Ray Dunbar read a letter received from a member, Jean Jones of West Deptford who is 91 years old, and petitioned for the family to submit family stories.

The Scholarship for Lake Family members was posted on the newsletter being sent out by mail and electronically.

Assistant Treasurer Harry Lake gave the Treasurer’s Report for Oct 19, 2015 – Aug 27, 2016

Checking Account Balance 8/28/2015 $3,943.38
Savings Account Balance 8/28/15 $299.14
Total on hand: $4,242.52

Funds received:
Scholarship Fund $660.00
Membership Dues Collected $177.00
Cemetery Fund $60.00
Banquet $170.00
General Donations $105.00
Total Receipts: $1,162.00

Checking Account Balance 8/27/16 $4,175.32
Savings Account Balance 8/27/16 $299.30
Total on hand: $4,472.62

Unfinished business

President Dr. Janice Lake Betts spoke of events throughout the year, and mentioned again a Founders’ Day to honor the Lake Family through talks she has with the CEO of the Tabernacle, Paula Bender. She also talked of stewardship and artifact preservation, specifically what we have and how we can preserve it. She said that Mayor Gillian of Ocean City supports us on this issue.

We discussed also the ongoing Family Cookbook project, which is still in need of recipe donations. There is a form on the website to submit recipes.

New Business

Discussion was made about Salem Cemetery Donations, that there were donations of $60 earmarked for the Cemetery, motion was made to add $190, to donate a total of $250 made by Sharon Lake. It was seconded and voted upon; motion carried.

Richard Dow III brought up discussion about amending the Constitution Article V Section 1. A proposed Amendment to change the wording from a set day every year in September for the reunion, to having a date voted on for next year’s reunion at the Business meetings was submitted, signed by 5 members: Edna Hsu, Mirian Marion, Richard Dow III, Doris Rush-Lopez, and Fran Dunbar. We will bring it up again at the next business meeting for a vote. A copy of the proposal is posted on the website. He also brought up other topics which I cannot find in my notes and do not remember.

Secretary Doris Rush-Lopez brought up the issue of accepting debit/credit cards for payment to make it easier for those who don’t always carry cash, and spoke of using Square for accepting cards at the reunion for any donations or payments, and using PayPal on the website to accept payments and donations online. Motion to start using these 2 methods was made and seconded, then voted upon and carried.

We are using a new company to design a new logo for the Organization.

Another issue brought up was a Special Event Committee comprised of volunteers to work the reunions with food, refreshments and registration.

We spoke of including the essays submitted for scholarship applications on the website, and that we need to get into the application form the statement that all submissions will become the property of The Lake Family Historical Association.

Election of Officers

Officer nominations were: Dr. Janice Lake Betts as President, Richard Dow III as Vice President, Doris Rush-Lopez as Secretary, Fran Dunbar as Treasurer, Ray Dunbar as Historian. There was no nomination nor voting for 2nd Vice President. As Executive Committee Members: Leon Lake Sr, Barbara Abel, Stephanie Bentley, Edna Hsu, and for Nominating Committee: Kathy Stanley, Linda Lake Johnson and Emily Rush. There were no new nominations for any other Office. All nominations were seconded, voted upon and elected.

Open Discussion

Discussion was made on the points brought up by Richard Dow III mentioned in New Business.

Doris Rush-Lopez suggested having workshops at reunions for family members to teach or learn skills, which could help attract the younger generations if classes in which they are interested are offered.

The discussion included forming a committee and for now letting Officers know what is desired for class themes.

We discussed our Education Program of sharing our history with local schools, and it was mentioned that the Ocean City Historical Museum did not have many Lake Family artifacts displayed this year.

The meeting was closed by the group singing “I Come to the Garden ” followed by a benediction by Janice Betts.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:19 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Rush-Lopez, Secretary

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