Laura DeAlmeida

Dear Lake Family,
I am the great-granddaughter of Mrs. Murhall (Adams) Riley and I have been handed down the maroon hardback bound the first edition dated 1915 privately printed by Arthur Adams and Sarah A. Risley, last entry is on page 293. My grandmother, Constance Jean (Adams -Riley) Jackson who was born on 3/14/1929 to Mr. Clever Diamond Riley and Mrs. Murhall (Adams) Riley of Somers Point, NJ, was in receipt of the book until she was committed to Our Lady Nursing Home in Pleasantville, NJ in 2017.

She is age 87 and now has severe dementia. I know that she told me years ago, that she has a distant cousin who also was compiling information for Book #2 of this genealogy for which she took part in and collected all the dates for births of my children, marriage, etc of my own family. I am Laura Jean (Jackson) DeAlmeida born July 11, 1970, in Somers Point to Richard James Jackson and Diane (Reda) Jackson.

My Grandmother said that she was quite sure the 2nd book was completed but I cannot find it among her belongings. Please contact me so that I may request a copy of this book from the correct party.

I truly appreciate all of your help and hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you for all of your help in this matter.

Very truly yours,
Laura DeAlmeida

Update: The distant cousin who did the wonderful work of compiling the information for the 2000 updated Lake Genealogy book was Charles H Masland, 3rd, which has been available at the reunions in paperback form.

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