Brief history of the Lake Family Historical Association 

Founded over 110 years ago, the Lake Family Historical Association has been meeting annually, having their last meeting in August of this year.  It was founded by the same Lake brothers that founded Ocean City, New Jersey, and that city has been an “anchor” to the Association. The Ocean City Museum opens early on the […]

2016-10 * Harvey Lake Tennis Award Ring from King of Sweden Discovered!

Harvey Y Lake was born Oct 25, 1874 in Petersburg New Jersey. He was the 5th child of Rev. Dr. Simon Wesley Lake and Mary Jane Scull. His paternal grandparents were Henry Lake and Sarah Blake. He attended public schools in Trenton.  He later lost his job as due to current events and decided to […]

The Lake Family Historical Association website is now secure!

In order to protect any personal information on our website, a secure certificate has been installed to encrypt any information sent to or from the website, and it will show in browsers as secure when https is used to load instead of http. You will see the green lock and the word “Secure” when using […]