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2017 Annual Lake Family Reunion

New! Reserve online for the Reunion! Please note: Correct zip code for mail-in reservations: 14619 2017 Lake Family Reunion Registration Form              Download PDF form of this Itinerary 2017 ANNUAL LAKE FAMILY REUNION AUGUST 26, 2017 Schedule for the Day 10:00-12:30 PM  Ocean City Tabernacle–Registration. Register and spend time with family […]

2018 Annual Lake Family Reunion

Reserve online for the Reunion! Please note: Correct zip code for mail-in reservations: 14619   AUGUST 25, 2018 Celebrate Founder’s Day with us!  

Amendment to the Constitution Approved August 26, 2017

Article Section I previously read: “There shall be an annual meeting of the Association on the second Thursday of September of each year, at the place decided on at the previous annual meeting. The Executive Committee shall have the power to change this date for any single meeting, and to arrange for special meetings as […]

The Lake Family Historical Association’s Annual Memorial Service

Every year a Memorial Service is conducted at the base of the cedar tree in the Tabernacle in Ocean City, NJ to honor those who have passed on during the year. Usually a hymn is sung, and a local minister or President of The Lake Family Historical Association gives a short speech. As each name […]

2016 Lake Family Reunion Information

THE 2016 REUNION IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 27, 2016   9 am to 4 pm in Ocean City   Please check back again for more information! Sign up for the newsletters with this link and we will notify you of all events We are supposed to have our first Board meeting since the 2015 Reunion […]

1957 Newspaper Article about the Lake Family Reunion This article is no longer available online. I will try to obtain a photocopy if copyright laws allow it. -Doris  

Share your Lake Family Reunion Memories

  Phone You can add the pictures to the website for any memory of a family member, reunion pictures, etc,Please include the year of the Reunion and name information to help identify members. To upload photos, use the Choose File button below. Please use the date format Year-MonthNumber-DayNumber as the start of the Title Box […]

Genealogical Links

Please share here any links to any family and/or historical websites that are linked to the Lake Family. 1915 Lake Genealogy digital copy PDF file download