Brief history of the Lake Family Historical Association 

Founded over 110 years ago, the Lake Family Historical Association has been meeting annually, having their last meeting in August of this year.  It was founded by the same Lake brothers that founded Ocean City, New Jersey, and that city has been an “anchor” to the Association.

The Ocean City Museum opens early on the day of the reunion for the members of the Lake Family to enjoy the displays of the Lake Family items donated in years past.

There are many family members in the immediate area, but they are now scattered throughout the country and the world.  Outside of New Jersey we now have members in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Hawaii, New York, Maryland, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Alaska and many other states.

Our annual reunion is a time of great joy, meeting new family and old.  We are actively encouraging younger families to participate, as in years past the reunions were more formal, later in the day for young children, and the cost would prohibit any on a modest budget to bring their family.  The costs have been cut drastically by changing the venue.

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