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Since before 1908, The Lake Family Historical Association has been making, recording and preserving the history of the family members’ accomplishments and genealogy. They have also been holding annual reunions of descendants of William Lake or others with the Lake surname from England/Great Britain in southern New Jersey, in the vicinity of Ocean City and Pleasantville.

Lake Family Group on Facebook descended from Loyalists that settled in Canada, then went west with the Mormons

Another Lake Family Facebook group, possibly connected to ours.

Please browse through each of the pages to keep up with the changes. Contribute to the Genealogy Page (a work in progress)Mystery Photos, Family Album and the various Projects.



Because this is a family history site, we are interested in YOUR family’s history.  Please send in, or post on the Family Journal page, information about marriages, births and deaths, or any other family stories to include in the Lake Family History here on the website and the Facebook page.  You can share “glad tidings” and obituaries immediately and not have to wait until the reunion.

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  1. I am John Charles Lake, Son of John Tilton Lake, and Jenny Vearling Lake of Pleasantville, N.J. I was born there February 2, 1941 and currently reside in Lakeland, Florida. I am married to Linda Sue Lake, nee Carreker. We have two children, John Charles Lake, Jr, and Dawn Marie Crawford, nee Lake, Each have three children, four boys and two girls.
    I’m looking for another 1915 genealogy. I had two but gave one to Markhanna (Markie) Miller, nee Lake, of Vineland, N.J My father’s sister, and loaned mine to a John Lake in Bakersfield, California which he has not returned.
    Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.
    John C. (Jack) Lake
    4318 Orangewood Loop West
    Lakeland, Florida 33813
    Cell 863 409 3153

  2. My granddaughter’s friend’s maiden name is Lake. I asked if she knew anything of her family history. She does not. Here is her response to me: “My grandfathers name is Donald Lake. He left his family and moved from Indiana (to Iowa I believe?) when my dad (also named Donald Lake) was a baby. My kids and I would LOVE any information you’d be willing to share about our heritage! Thank you for reaching out to me! 🙂”

    Does anyone know if there is a link between our families?

    1. We would probably need more info, such as any wife’s name and siblings or children’s names and any dates, even just an approximate year.

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