Ring awarded to Harvey Lake for his tennis prowess by the King of Sweden

2016-10 * Harvey Lake Tennis Award Ring from King of Sweden Discovered!

Harvey Y Lake was born Oct 25, 1874 in Petersburg New Jersey. He was the 5th child of Rev. Dr. Simon Wesley Lake and Mary Jane Scull. His paternal grandparents were Henry Lake and Sarah Blake. He attended public schools in Trenton.  He later lost his job as due to current events and decided to change his profession to playing tennis. He became well known for his tennis prowess across Europe.

An engraved ring that belonged to Harvey Lake  which was given to him by the King of Sweden for winning a veteran (senior, minimum age to compete was 50 years) tennis championship. It is hoped it will be obtained and kept in the Ocean City Museum.

Another photo of Ring awarded to Harvey Lake for his tennis prowess by the King of Sweden  

The ring was discovered in a shop in San Diego California. The original asking price of the ring was $950, but it was negotiated to $700. The Museum and The Lake Family Historical Association would donate toward the purchase. Donations can be made for the ring’s purchase here.

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