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Next Lake Family Reunion: August 24, 2019  10 am to 6 pm in Ocean City, NJ

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Thanks, Doris Rush-Lopez, Secretary/Historian

Lake Family members gathered on August 25th, 2018 for the 109thth time at the Tabernacle in Ocean City to celebrate their beginnings. Some began the day in Pleasantville with a visit to the Salem Cemetery Lake where Ocean City’s founding fathers are buried.

Pastor Jay Reimer, President, Ocean City Tabernacle, brought greetings to the family and expressed his desire to keep the heritage of the family alive so Ocean City continues to be the Greatest Family Resort.  The staff at the Tabernacle was thanked for their efforts throughout the year in sharing our story with residents and visitors to Ocean City.
Throughout the day members visited the Ocean City Historical Museum, where we were provided with a complete account of the early history of the formation of Ocean City along with displays of numerous Lake family exhibits. Guides were available to answer any questions and to point out significant family artifacts.

At 1:00 PM we met at the Ocean City Tabernacle where family members and friends signed in for the afternoon activities. Relatives came from the states of NJ, PA, DE, IL AZ, MD, and NY. We visited with one another, shared genealogy info, looked at all the historical books and displays and purchased some of the Lake Family memorabilia and crafts. Children gathered in the courtyard for challenging games led by Stephanie Weber, Board Member. 

At 3:00 PM members gathered around the Lake Family Cedar Tree in the foyer of the Tabernacle for a touching Ceremony of Remembrance led by Dr. Janice Lake Betts. The Memorial Service began with a welcome to the Ocean City Tabernacle where our family members first met over 100 years ago. The staff of the Tabernacle was thanked for all they do to preserve our heritage each year. We honored our loved ones who have passed on before us with red roses placed at the base of the Lake Family Cedar Tree. Then, we formed a large circle, joined hand in hand, and sang “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds” to close the day.

The Annual Business Meeting, led by President, Dr. Janice Lake Betts, included an update on how to continue our campaign on the prohibition of alcohol in Ocean City in conjunction with the Board of Directors at the Ocean City Tabernacle and city leaders. The issue of the number of members on the Board of Directors and standing committees was discussed. A discussion followed on how to improve our Lake Family Reunion in the future wherein we can attract future generations and young leaders.

An update on the purchase of the discovered Harvey Y Lake Tennis Ring from Collateral Loan of Escondido sharing the cost of $700 with a donation from the Ocean City Museum was presented. The ring will be donated and housed with Lake Family artifacts at the Ocean City Museum. The Harvey Lake Tennis tournament is still in existence in Ocean City today.

The meeting was followed by a delicious old-fashioned picnic dinner. After dinner, our guest speaker Jeff McGranahan, Director, Ocean City Historical Museum, Ocean City, NJ.  Jeff gave an informative message detailing the life of Harvey Lake as a renowned tennis player which included background on the Harvey Lake Tennis Ring with its origin.

This has been a challenging year of revitalization and exploration for the Lake Family and its Board Members as we move forward to make decisions for the generations ahead. I look forward to making this a year to remember. Our focus continues to be on recruiting younger members and on making the community and the area more aware of the Lake Family and its influence.

Our secretary, Doris Rush-Lopez, continues to assist with technology and find ways we can connect to our younger family members at our Annual Meetings.

You will notice we no longer mail copies of the Lake Family Newsletter to all members as we can communicate messages more effectively via email. We continue to explore software that will help us expand our database as we add future generations so we have files readily accessible. Surveys of family members were emailed to members and we will follow up more on this at the Annual Reunion.

We continue to explore ways we can work more closely with our friends at the Ocean City Historical Museum and the Historical Society of Atlantic County to make sure we preserve our artifacts for future generations.

We continue to have more inquiries because of our online presence, with a great deal of interest in our genealogy and how to acquire copies. We need to consider reprints of the Lake Genealogy in the future and make this a priority by forming a committee at our next Annual Meeting. This needs to be a priority at our Annual Business  Meeting.

I attended the Annual Luncheon for the Ocean City Historical Museum on September 19, 2018 at the Greate Bay Country Club and made a formal presentation of the Harvey Lake Tennis Ring to the Ocean City Historical Museum. This was a wonderful opportunity to thank the museum and its board for all they do to share and preserve our history. We hope to be part of an exhibit featuring the Harvey Lake Ring and tennis in Ocean City at the museum in the future. Aaron Bogushefsky, artist and teacher, was the guest speaker. Aaron has included an historic page in a coloring book on Ocean City for children that we will sell at the reunion.Pic left to right Ocean City Historical  Museum Annual Luncheon, Jeff McGranahan, former Director, Ocean City Historical Museum; Dr Janice Lake Betts, President, Lake Family Historical Association; Aaron Bogushefsky, featured speaker.

We have been soliciting applicants who are family members for a Lake Family Historical Association Scholarship to be offered to a family member at the Annual meeting. We have received one inquiry this year and if you are interested, please email for a scholarship application as we hope to award a Lake Family Historical Association Scholarship at our Annual Meeting.  Applicants must be family members who are accepted at a college in the Fall of 2019.

I presented a Lake Family Historical Association Scholarship to Alex Oves, a senior at Ocean City High School, on June 6, 2019. Alex plans on attending St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Alex’s essay is about the impact of the Lake family on Ocean City as we know it today. 

Recently, I was contacted by John Loeper, President of the Lifesaving Museum and the Ocean City Historical Museum in Ocean City. He informed me of the last rescue from a sandbar by the station in 1915 of the submarine Tuna. This Lake Submarine was traveling from Bridgeport, CN. John has agreed to share more information about it as our guest speaker at our Annual Picnic Dinner.

The Ocean City Chamber of Commerce has been conducting trolley tours to various historic sites in Ocean City every Thursday. Duane Sonneborn is the guide on these tours and he has shared the history of the Lake Family and its impact on Ocean City with numerous visitors this year. Duane will be our guide on a special trolley tour for the family on the day of our reunion. Please sign-up early for this tour as space is limited, only 41 people will fit on the trolley. The tour will depart the Ocean City Tabernacle at 12:15 pm and return at 2:15 pm.

Thank you to all Officers, Board members and volunteers who work behind the scenes throughout the year to keep our family history alive in Ocean City and beyond, we encourage the help and involvement of younger family members so we can insure that we continue to promote the values of the Lake brothers in the future. If you have this desire, take the next step as a pioneer for the future!

We continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones this year and will honor them at our Memorial Service at the Ocean City Tabernacle on August 24, 2019 at 2:30 PM.

Please continue to pray for the family of Barbara Abel, Board Member of the Lake Family Historical Association,  who passed away on July 31st. Barbara has been a faithful attendee at our reunions and has contributed yearly to our family history.

I look forward to seeing you on August 24th! Prayers for safe travels.

-Dr. Janice Lake Betts, President, LFHA

Committees-Genealogy, Cookbook, Scholarship, Executive Committee Member-at-Large, Lake Store (t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.), Serve Food during Reunion, Perform during Picnic Dinner or Annual Meeting, Website Coordinator, Workshop, Coordinate Picnic, Children’s Program for 2020 Reunion
If we all work together, we can continue the legacy of our forefathers!

PLEASE COME PREPARED to the Annual Reunion with updated information on your family history, as well as, items for a silent auction. Also, read up on our family history so you can be a winner in our Third Lake Family Feud Game!
Accommodations: If you need local accommodations in or near Ocean City, contact the Boulevard Motel, 116 Roosevelt Blvd, Marmora, NJ who will provide a special room rate for family members. Rooms are also available also available at the Roadway Inn, 119 Route US 9, Marmora, NJ. or in Ocean City at Ocean Front Motel or the Port-O-Call Hotel. There are numerous campgrounds on the mainland.  If you have any questions or for directions, please call Dr. Janice Lake Betts, 609-432-1864 or contact our Secretary, Doris-Rush Lopez.

Travel:  Plan on extra travel time as shore traffic is heavy on weekends.

 Lake Family Historical Association Officers 2018-2019

President:  Dr. Janice Betts * 609-628-2266 *
Vice President:    Rachel Howard  * 585-626-5775 *
2nd Vice President:    NONE
Secretary/Historian:   Doris Rush-Lopez * 856-341-2849 *

Treasurer:    Fran Dunbar * 585-530-9366  *

Executive Committee Members:

Leon Lake Sr. * 609-641-8724 *
Linda Lake Johnson *
Barbara Abel * Passed away on July 31, 2019

Nominating Committee:
Ray Dunbar, Chairman * 585-328-1617  *
Diane Murphy  * 585-247-9029 or 585-200-1421 cell *
Nancy Lake Bleam *
If you are interested in serving as an Officer or Executive Committee (Board) member please email to:

Association Phone: 661-LAKE-FAM   661-525-3326

 Download and print the 2019 Reunion Registration FormDownload and print the 2019 Reunion Itinerary/Schedule for the Day
  AUGUST 24, 2019 – Ocean City Tabernacle, Ocean City, NJ
Schedule for the Day

10:00 AM-12:15 PM -Ocean City Tabernacle- Registration. Register and spend time with family members and browse historical collections and meet family members.  Coffee and Donuts 10:00 AM, Light Lunch-11:30,
12:00 PM-Games and Activities with Children and Adults along with Family members throughout the day!  Doris Rush-Lopez, Historian, will assist interested members with navigating our website,, and other genealogical help.

Optional Activities: Tour of Salem Methodist Church Cemetery. Visit the
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, on Park Ave. in Pleasantville, NJ, and view the gravesites of Ocean City’s Founding Fathers.

Visit- Ocean City Historical Museum- Tour the Ocean City Museum which houses many Lake Family historical items. The museum is located inside the Ocean City Cultural Center 1735 Simpson Ave., Ocean City, NJ 

Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum- 4th Street and Atlantic Ave. Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City Tabernacle- Sunday Worship Service, 8:30 am & 10:30 am, August 25- Tony Campolo, Author, Sociologist, Speaker

Endicott-Reardon Family Museum– 3036 S. Shore Rd. Route 9, Seaville, NJ

Asbury Church- Ocean City-Lake Family Photos displayed by Edna May Streaker. Thursday, August 23, Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25.

12:15 pm-2:15 pm- Historic Trolley Tour – Space is limited to 41 persons on the trolley so be sure to sign-up EARLY for the tour.

1:00-2:00 PM Workshops, Using Technology to Research Family History with Doris Rush-Lopez, Secretary/Historian, and Family Genealogy Committee: Looking at the Past for the Future, Dr. Janice Lake Betts

2:30 PM- The Memorial Tree Ceremony will be held in the foyer of the Ocean City Tabernacle, 550 Wesley Ave. Ocean City, NJ. We will be honoring those who have passed on in 2017-2018.

3:00 PM- Annual Business Meeting at the Ocean City Tabernacle.

4:00-6:00 PM- An “Old Fashioned Picnic”- Dinner at the Ocean City Tabernacle. Following the dinner our special guest speaker will be John Loeper, President, Ocean City Historical Museum and the Ocean City Lifesaving Station who will share in a special presentation about the rescue of the Lake submarine and also share Simon Lake’s will. Our talented musical family members will entertain us during dinner. We will also have games and activities for the children, as well as items for a drawing. Please bring donations of new items, donations from local businesses and crafts for this project to benefit the Annual Reunion and Scholarship Fund. 

6:00 PM-?-Plan now for a night with your family on the infamous  Ocean City Boardwalk. Each family will receive complimentary tickets for Gillian’s Wonderland Pier.

 Some historic places to visit:
Salem Cemetery where Ocean City’s founding fathers are buried

Ocean City Historical Museum 

The Endicott Reardon Family Museum
Original Lake Family Constitution

Proposed By-laws

Learn about the Harvey Lake Tennis Ring, housed with Lake Family artifacts at the Ocean City Museum. The Harvey Lake Tennis tournament is still in existence in Ocean City todayAnother link to info about the Harvey Lake Tennis Tournament in Ocean City.

As always, members gathered around the Lake Family Cedar Tree in the foyer of the Tabernacle for a touching Ceremony of Remembrance led by Dr. Janice Lake Betts.
The staff of the Tabernacle was thanked for all they do to preserve our heritage each year. We honored our loved ones who have passed on before us with red roses placed at the base of the Lake Family Cedar Tree.      We are soliciting applicants who are Lake family members for a Lake Family Historical Association Scholarship to be offered to a family member at the Annual Reunion. If you are interested, please and we will forward an application. Applicants must be family members who are accepted at a college in the Fall of 2019. 

Please continue to pray for John F Rush III who has been at Royal Suites Healthcare & Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ. John has been a faithful attendee at all our reunions and has contributed to our family history.

    Secretary’s Message Please send me any family data, such as births, deaths, weddings, reunion or other family photos, stories etc.that you wish to post on the website in either Family Journal, Prayer List or Genealogy to email:   BTW, John F Rush III mentioned above is my uncle, so my family and I will greatly appreciate your prayers!

Also, if you have any family members that have changed phone, address or email recently, please let me know so I can keep the records updated.

We still need more recipes for our Lake Family Cookbook Project, these can be sent to the email below or input on the Cookbook Project page on the website.If you have a few moments, please help us improve our planning ahead and working together by sharing your thoughts, questions and comments in our survey.

You can find all obituaries I have found on the website under Family Journal.

-Doris Rush-Lopez, LFHA Secretary

If you are interested in serving as an Officer or Executive Committee (Board) or Nominating Committee member please email to:

Association Phone: 661-LAKE-FAM   661-525-3326