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Regarding this old building linked to our family:

 “Lady Moody’s House” has been designated a historical Landmark!  

Since 1908, The Lake Family Historical Association has been holding annual reunions of descendants of William Lake in Ocean City, NJ and Pleasantville, NJ. See our Constitution for more details.


Lake Family Group on Facebook descended from Loyalists that settled in Canada, then went west with the Mormons

Brief history of the Lake Family Historical Association 

Founded over 105 years ago, the Lake Family Historical Association has been meeting annually, having their last meeting in August of this year.  It was founded by the same Lake brothers that founded Ocean City, New Jersey, and that city has been an “anchor” to the Association.  The Ocean City Museum opens early on the day of the reunion for the members of the Lake Family to enjoy the displays of the Lake Family items donated in years past.

There are many family members in the immediate area, but they are now scattered throughout the country and the world.  We now have members in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Hawaii, New York, Maryland, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, and many other states.

Our annual reunion is a time of great joy, meeting new family and old.  We are actively encouraging younger families to participate, as in years past the reunions were more formal, later in the day for young children, and the cost would prohibit any on a modest budget to bring their family.  The costs have been cut drastically by changing the venue.

Please browse through each of the pages to keep up with the changes. Contribute to the Genealogy Page (a work in progress)Mystery Photos, Family Album and the various Projects.

Enjoy the photos of the past Reunions.

Read the original Constitution of The Lake Family Historical Association.

Catch up on the News on the “In the News” page, and sign up for the next Reunion on the Membership & Reservations page.

Visit the Family Store to see and order Lake Family Merchandise.  You don’t have to wait for the annual Reunion to buy them, you can order the items you wish at any time. (At this time the store is non-functioning, sorry for the inconvenience.)


Do you have any items that you would like to donate that were owned by or made by a Lake family member? 

 We need items to sell to raise funds for the activities of The Lake Family Historical Association, including the The Lake Family Historical Association Scholarship ProgramThroughout the years, the Association decided to award a scholarship annually to a student graduating Ocean City High School. 

At the 2014 Reunion, it was decided to add Lake Family members to the eligible applicants pool. See the The Lake Family Historical Association Scholarship Program for more details. 

Because we are a family, we are interested in YOUR family.  Please send us, or post on the Family Journal page, information about marriages, births and deaths,  so we can make those announcements here on the website and our Facebook page.  We will share “glad tidings” and obituaries immediately and not have to wait until the reunion.